inspiring people to open their hearts to the beauty of spirituality. How do we awaken those divine principles of love, peace and joy within our being? Brian is a spiritual counselor, motivational speaker, and energy healer. He leads his own life based on yogic principles and practices. In April 2010, he graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America where he practiced past life regression, psychological healing, and physical healing. He has received guidance from many spiritual teachers of different cultures, religions and lineages. He talks about Bhakti traditions, Vedic philosophy, Non-Duality, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.

With this education, he can assist people in discovering and following their own unique spiritual path. His devotional music is designed to transmit frequencies for chakra cleansing, states of love and peace, energy field clearing, and other transmissions. He plays harmonium and guitar and sings sanskrit mantras.

Svami Purna is Brian’s spiritual teacher. Swamiji inspired him to share his love for the Divine with people across the country. Please visit www.adhyatmik.org for more information about Swamiji.

Brian Lottman travels around the US and Canada,

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